Moving Checklists

We want your move to go successfully

Get support to make your move without a hitch

The checklists below answer some of the most common questions we hear from our tenants. Please read through the information below as you prepare to make a move; if you have any other concerns that aren't addressed below, give us a call: 647-370-4485

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month's rent and security deposit are both due at the lease signing. Confirm these amounts with our team in advance.

Move-in Date & Inspection

Your initial move-in date and inspection information will be provided at the lease signing.


You are responsible for placing your utility accounts in your name after the lease signing. Please keep your accounts current throughout the duration of your stay.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Planning to move out of your rental? Please provide us with written notice of your intent to vacate the premises.

Property Condition

Your property needs to be brought back to rent-ready condition before you hand in the keys for your rental. This includes the following:

Rental Cleaning: Your property needs to be thoroughly cleaned, with all of your belongings removed from the unit. Please dispose of any refuse from the property, too.

Carefully sanitize the hard surfaces throughout the rental and wipe down the walls. Floors should be mopped/swept/vacuumed, and the bathrooms need to be disinfected.

Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you typically address landscaping responsibilities for your rental unit, you'll need to address these once more before moving out.

Repairs: If any damage occurred during your stay, please take the necessary steps to make repairs. This includes patching nail and screw holes, repainting discolored walls, and replacing broken glass.

Security Deposit

Your security deposit protects against any damage that may occur during your stay. If you do not make the necessary repairs, we will perform a final inspection upon your departure and schedule repairs. The cost for these repairs will be deducted from your deposit.

Please remember, you need to pay your final rent bill. Your deposit cannot be used to cover this expense.